Wild Brumbies

This series of photographs symbolizes a romanticized version of our own existence.
We all want to connect with the feelings these brumbies represent, wildness, freedom and raw untamed beauty ,even hardship.

For me, the Brumby takes me back…suddenly, a young boy tearing around the suburban Sydney streets on my BMX, feeling the wind in my hair and lost in the exhilaration of the bigness of the world, its wildness, its adventure.

I feel exactly the same thing now when I take the doors off the chopper and tie the fishing rods to the struts, throw the bags in the back and head out in search of…what? Beauty. Magic. The thing that will take my breath away, and make me feel alive.

There is no coincidence for me that the Brumby symbolises “freedom and rawness”. A spirit made up of global ancestry, but co-exists to protect each other from the inevitable storms. Across the vast Australian landscape, I see no greater metaphor for my vision of Australia. The Brumby doesn’t try to “fit in”, but rather, just like in the spirit of mother nature, they ”belong” despite the differences in their arrival. This becomes for me a silent prayer of all humans who travel side by side and protect humanity before all else. Therein lies for me, why Brumby is to be so important to my personal journey and work.